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Let's Say Hello to Midwest Motors!

Ladies and gentlemen of Gr8 Rides Reviews, we have some big news! We will be working with Midwest Motors of Lake Zurich, IL! They are graciously allowing us to test the vehicles in their inventory as well as helping with some big up-and-coming articles. Don't be surprised if you see the logo above in some of our articles along with a random address of 540 Cortland (there is no "u" in Cortland) Dr., Lake Zurich, IL 60047. 

A big thank you to Midwest Motors and we can't wait to...drive vehicles from your inventory then write (or film) what we really think (these cars are fantastic).

Once again, Midwest Motors is located in the small and lake-filled town of Lake Zurich. You can find them at 540 Cortland Drive or at: http://www.midwestmotors.com/.

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