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Welcome to Gr8 Rides Reviews! Wait, who are you!?

If you happened to have stumbled onto our website, first, let us say welcome!

For some reason, you may have never heard of the best car website in the world: Gr8 Rides Reviews, and are wondering why you should stay on our site for more than 36 seconds. Here is some info on who we are and why you should take more than 36 seconds to be on our site.

So just who are you guys!?

We are Gr8 Rides Reviews! Gr8 Rides Reviews was created by people who are interested in cars (petrol heads/gear heads/car nuts/the weird people that talk about cars more than they probably should) for people not knowledgeable about automobiles or enthusiasts about cars. We review cars that we think are good (or Gr8) as well as cars that we think are terrible, but we go further then just reviews! We also do editorials and podcasts about different topics related to the world of the automobile. If we can make the fantastic Toyota Corolla seem interesting to people who don't talk about turning off traction control than we are doing our job.

How will these "reviews" be done?

Reviews will be video and written. For now, we are mainly doing written reviews. The tone of our reviews mixes humor and whit with facts. Yes, we are doing car reviews, but the overall goal is to entertain and inform. Since these reviews are for "normal people", a lot of the information you receive on other websites may not be here. So if you want to know about camber angle or what a propshaft is made out of, we would suggest going onto the internets.  When we do reviews, we give vehicles a score out of 10 for the exterior, interior, performance, fuel economy, and value. 

What will you review?

If you are looking for a Ferrari being tossed around a racetrack, you're in the wrong place. Gr8 Rides Reviews has a price cap of $100,000 and we test cars that the majority of people can actually afford. We may test a minivan on a racetrack or a sport cars in rush hour traffic to see the different dynamics they have (think: fish out of water type of reviews). We do comparisons, price challenges, themes, and "regular car reviews", whatever those are.

I want a new article now!

As do we! Gr8 Rides Reviews would like to post an article every day, but unlike most websites, the writers here have other jobs. Articles will come out every week to two weeks. Would we like to have Gr8 Rides Reviews be our primary job and post everyday? Yes. 

Where are you located?

A magical place called the Chicago Northwest suburbs. Come by and visit sometime! We have...Starbucks. 

Anything else we should know?

Sure! If you are a writer or do any media production and would like to help show the world why the Toyota Corolla is the best car in the world if you like the color beige, get in contact with us!

Our email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find us on Twitter and the Facebooks. We also have a comments section up and running so all you little trolls out there can say how amazing insert car is and how everything is the worst thing since the Chevy Nova.

So enjoy what one person (the author) has called "the best website related to cars ever created!"

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